Durham NH Police Chief David Kurz Receives Prestigious Award

Durham NH Police Chief David Kurz was awarded CALEA’s Egon Bittner Award at the July 2017 CALEA conference held in Providence, RI.  The Egon Bittner Award is presented to Chief Executive Officers who have commanded a CALEA Accredited agency for fifteen or more continuous years.  It was created to recognize these leaders for their significant contributions to the public safety profession and to CALEA.  Congratulations Chief Kurz.

PowerDMS User Group for NNEPAC

cropped-NNEPAC_logo-FINAL-lowres_with-mass.pngLaura Saunders from PowerDMS and NNEPAC member Dee Barbic are in the process of establishing a User Group for NNEPAC.

Once the user group is created, all interested members will be assigned a username and password and each member will be able to access a “sandbox” specifically created for NNEPAC.

The sandbox is an assessment module set up so that you can try different aspects of PowerDMS with a live assessment, besides your own, without the fear of causing irreparable damage to your active assessment module.

If you are interested in joining the user group, please e-mail Dee Barbic at Dee.Barbic@vermont.gov with your preferred contact information, including your e-mail and agency name.

Updates will be provided as this project moves forward.

Welcome to the NNEPAC Website

Welcome to the new NNEPAC Website.  As this is a work in progress, I invite you to share your comments or suggestions for improvement. Please email me at John@nnepacradio.com.  Thanks.