CACE-L and Appendix K

cropped-NNEPAC_logo-FINAL-lowres_with-mass.pngIf you are still using CACE-L for your accreditation assessment management please take note of the following information.

Recently, a NNEPAC member was looking for Appendix K in CACE-L, which is required for the annual audit of property and evidence as describe in CALEA standard 84.1.6. c, and he was unable to locate it.

A call was placed to Regional Program Manager Paul MacMillan and Paul
confirmed with CALEA that CACE-L will not be updated with Appendix K.

Although CACE-L is supposed to be supported until November 2017, it appears that regular updates are not included.  If you are looking for Appendix K, you will need to use the electronic standards manual provided by PowerDMS.